Our Commitment to True Adoption of 3D Printing

Our Commitment to True Adoption

At Adia, we’ve made a commitment to assisting companies in the true adoption of 3D printing technology. True adoption, to us, means effective use, visible results, and getting the most out of each 3D printing machine. We assist our customers during every phase of their 3D journey in order to assist their full adoption. Below are a few key insights to our company that strengthen our efforts in driving the successful, true adoption of 3D printing.


Assessments: Readiness & Evaluative

We offer two intricate assessments to determine fit and usage of 3D printing technology. Notably so, each and every assessment is performed by our highly educated and experienced team of advisors. The readiness assessment, customers will gain a better understanding of the knowledge and resources needed to adopt 3D printing. Our team will evaluate current operations to develop a road map that defines the appropriate next steps towards implementation. Our evaluative assessment examines existing use of 3D printing. Upon evaluation, our team will then provide insight as to how usage can improve. In doing so, our advisors will identify key strategic growth opportunities and a drawn out plan to assist your growth.


3-D Programs: Discover, Develop, Deliver

Along with assessments, we also offer 3 unique programs that are applicable during any stage of implementation. Our discover program assists those who are new within the additive manufacturing community. Through this program, our advisors assist companies in building expertise and provide guidance towards implementation. In addition, our develop program helps to minimize the all-to-familiar learning curve and costs of manufacturing by developing knowledge in design, workflow and best practices. This program will kickstart your use of 3D printing and put your company on the right path towards the successful use of 3D printing. Lastly, our deliver program relieves your company of any challenges you may be facing while 3D printing. Our experts tackle problems for you and develop solutions specific to your business applications.


Additional Services: Software/ Process Design, Indirect Manufacturing, and Outsourced Printing

If you’re having trouble finding an appropriate software or difficulty in creating a design, we’re here to help. With our software and process design service, we turn dream projects into reality. We also provide an indirect manufacturing & tooling service that helps to create ease during production by way of 3D printed tools that streamline manufacturing processes. Finally, we offer an outsourced part printing service to advance your projects when needed. This service is a great benefit to those who do not yet own a 3D printer.


To take advantage of any one of these services and to truly adopt 3D printing, contact us today!


About Adia

Adia is a nationally certified woman-owned business offering custom engineering services and end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions. Adia is a proud partner of 3D Systems and a distributor for LOCTITE 3D Printing Resins.

We pride ourselves in carrying over 120 years of combined experience in the 3D printing industry and have developed unique programs that assist our clients with the implementation and/or improvement of additive manufacturing in their business. Through these programs, we can identify the best course of action along with a detailed plan to guide businesses on their way to reaching their highest 3D potential. Not only do we provide the machines, but we also strive to create ease before and after implementation or enhanced continued usage through our excellent support and next-day service!

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