When Should I adopt 3D Printing Technology?

When to Implement 3D Printing

Although there are many applications to pursue within 3D printing, many companies are hesitant to implement the technology. This may be due to their lack of knowledge of how to and when to apply it to their business. We’ve outlined a few key questions to consider that will kickstart the beginning of your 3D journey.

How do I know I’m ready for 3D Printing?  

This may be the most difficult question to ask yourself. Before assessing whether additive manufacturing makes sense for your business, investigate some common areas of use. Some of which include prototyping, building concept models, tooling or fixture support, small part production, or end-use production. 3D printing can be effective if the right application area exists, and the proper technology is available and understood by the operators.

It is crucial that your company has a mindset that is ready to implement a digital transformation. It also should a part of your business strategy and company culture. Therefore, try to implement an innovative culture throughout your business. This will help your company to better utilize the new technology and process concepts that drive change.

Is my prototyping method effective?

Prototyping is a great way for businesses to test their products before manufacturing them in bulk. Additive manufacturing allows companies to build the prototype, review the model, and adjust the design in a matter of hours. Companies can also test their product design within a live focus group. This gives the company an opportunity to compare a variety of designs to see which is best fit.

If you’re already prototyping, consider ways in which the process can improve. 3D printing is a great way to create lower costs while also gaining more flexibility, customization, and efficiency. If the company is unhappy with how their product looks, they can simply create a new design to reprint and retest.

Is my manufacturing cost-effective?

Whether you manufacture products daily or every other week, we guarantee that there is a 3D printer to satisfy your needs. While some machines specialize in low volume production, others seem to never stop printing! These printers can build very detailed and complex objects in just a few hours or days (depending on the material). The material makes these parts strong and durable which may permit companies to use them as end-use parts. This method lowers costs by minimizing waste materials, increasing productivity, and allowing companies to build parts on a need basis. Additionally, 3D printing allows companies to simplify production by printing crucial parts in one piece rather than multiple assembled parts. This process saves companies time and money by eliminating complex assembly.

Many businesses also use 3D printing for tooling processes such as supporting, molding, or forming. Tooling creates ease during a variety of manufacturing processes and can be easily advanced using additive manufacturing. 3D printing allows companies to design and build these custom tools and fixtures at a very low cost on a need-basis.

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