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We’re a team of engineers and advisors with deep expertise in helping companies just like yours unlock the true potential of 3D printing.

We believe in the power of collaboration and pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your team through proven trainings, programs, equipment offerings and services that streamline your business objectives. 

We’ve been New England’s leading 3D printing solutions providers since our inception in 2010, helping both small businesses and fortune 500 companies develop the skills and know-how to succeed in their 3D practice. Whether you’re simply exploring the potential of 3D printing for your business or are looking for accelerated guidance, we’d be happy to assist you on your journey.

We’re always accessible, consistently adaptable and proud of who we support.

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giving back with 3D

As New England’s premier resource for 3D technology, we not only want to see businesses succeed and grow, but we also care deeply about our community. Using our extensive knowledge and resources, Adia has teamed up with non-profits and organizations such as Mystic Aquarium, UConn, and local hospitals.

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A Message From The CEO

To our longtime clients, our new clients and our potential clients, thank you for your interest in our story. For the past 45 years, I’ve witnessed a commitment to innovation from our team that’s second to none. After decades of supporting, supplying and managing B2B equipment services for highly visible, 24/7 healthcare and education institutions, we’re transitioning to a future focused solely on 3D.

This shift began in 2010, when we established ACT 3D Equipment and Service as a leading brand for 3D print services through our partnership with 3D Systems Corporation, Inc. This was the catalyst for our growth as we streamlined and reduced the average time of repairs and servicing by as much as weeks. 

Our profound impact was the validation we needed to hire dedicated sales and engineering teams in order to expand our expertise and evolve into the trusted consulting firm we are today.

The speed at which more companies are recognizing the power of 3D printing on their time-to-market and bottom line, far outpaces the development of industry experts with deep experience in this market. 

It’s because of this that I’m incredibly proud to introduce our new name and logo to you all. Adia essentially means “a new day” because each new day within this wonderful industry is an opportunity to learn, grow and innovate. In an industry where we use adaptability, creativity and intelligence to produce parts that look like they’re from another world, it’s only fitting to be known as the company with the “octopus alien” logo. We’re thrilled to move in this bold direction!

We’ve been inspired by our clients over the years who share in our values by showing incredible willingness to adapt and innovate, see the benefit in making work FUN and make it their mission to seek new information.

We’re excited to continue on our mission to unlock the potential of 3D printing as Adia. Let’s innovate together. 

Cindi Gondek, CEO

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