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We believe in the power of collaboration

We pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your team through proven trainings, programs, equipment offerings and services that streamline your business objectives.

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Our hope is that all companies unlock the power of 3D printing and that we get to help them do it. Our partners help us accomplish this goal.

these partnerships empower us to provide:

Adia is committed to helping you qualify and select the most ideal equipment for your manufacturing requirements. Once chosen, we’re ready to deliver and install your new equipment. After installation, we provide thorough training to quickly and efficiently bring your team up to speed, guaranteeing a smooth and successful integration for your business.

Adia’s dedication to your success extends beyond initial installation. We continue to support your 3D journey by providing an extensive selection of materials and parts for a variety of 3D printing systems. This ensures your 3D printing remains fully equipped and uninterrupted, enabling seamless production at all times.

Adia offers an array of software solutions, including in-depth training, customized design solutions, and a diverse portfolio of software packages. A software package from Adia will allow your team to master the ins and outs of the software’s complex and comprehensive features, driving maximum productivity and innovation in your operations.

Our service team stands ready to tackle any challenge. With a decade’s worth of experience, there’s hardly a problem we haven’t solved or a situation we can’t handle. We’re not just quick; we’re lightning-fast, offering same to next day service to keep your machines humming at peak performance.

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Equipment service is our company’s legacy, and we’re doing it better than ever. Our supportive and knowledgeable team of field and application engineers provide rapid response times, thoughtful customer service and most importantly, keep your equipment running properly.


Your in-house team is a critical component of a smooth 3D printing operation. For each printer delivered, we offer comprehensive operator training as well as on-site re-training for any new employees who join your team.

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As a client of Adia, we want to make sure you’re fully stocked and production stays rolling. That’s why we offer easy ordering of consumables. Simply use our online form to order supplies for your 3D Equipment. Be sure to include the equipment ID and consumables item numbers.

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