Mimaki 3D Printers

Photorealistic Full Color 3D Printers

3D Printers Built on Experience

Mimaki brings over two decades of full-color inkjet engineering and manufacturing experience to the 3D world. Their 3D printers offer multiple technologies to provide additive manufacturing solutions for a wide range of needs. Adia is here to identify the right printer for your needs, provide the equipment, installation, training, and service to maximize your investment.


10 Million Colors, Three Dimensions.

The 3DUJ-553 is world’s first photorealistic full-color 3D printer capable of producing more than 10 million unique colors.



Big Color, Compact Size.

The 3DUJ-2207 is the latest addition to the Mimaki 3DUJ full color photorealistic 3D printer family.


why choose Mimaki?

  1. Advanced Color Capabilities: Mimaki 3D printers offer over 10 million colors, providing vibrant and crystal-clear prints with remarkable precision and accuracy, ensuring sharp text clarity and color reproduction down to the finest details.
  2. Enhanced Printer Durability and Reliability: Built upon half a century of industrial printer manufacturing expertise, these printers are made to last and are proven to maintain consistent performance and reliability over time.
  3. Material Versatility: Offering the ability to seamlessly print with both crystal clear and colored materials, Mimaki printers expand creative possibilities while also ensuring material durability.
  4. Superior Service: Mimaki ensures user satisfaction with fast, reliable service and support that promptly addresses any concerns or needs.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: With significantly lower production costs, Mimaki provides an economical printing solution that does not compromise on quality or performance.
  6. Ease of Use: Mimaki printers feature straightforward maintenance routines, making them accessible and easy to use.
  7. Simplified Post-Processing: The post-processing stage is simplified with water-soluble supports, allowing for easy model removal and clean up.

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