3D Printing Explained

3D Printing Explained

3D printing (a.k.a. additive manufacturing) is the process of stacking thin layers of material to build a complex object or structure. Engineers create a CAD (computer-aided design) file which is later used to produce the build. The printer uses the CAD file to virtually divide the object into thin layers. This file acts as a guide for the printer to follow while building the object or structure. When prompted, the 3D printer then layers material until a physical object forms.

Additive manufacturing builds complex objects in a variety of materials. Some common materials include resin, nylon, and metal. These materials allow for builds to be visually appealing, durable, and cost-effective. Many companies use 3D-printing for prototyping, tooling, or creating end-use parts. Prototyping allows for companies to easily visualize models before producing a final product. This also allows for companies to test the design using a simulated audience. Tooling allows companies to manufacture their products with ease. Tooling acts as a support for a range of manufacturing processes such as molding, stamping, casting, or assembly. Another major use is the creation of end-use parts. Due to the machines ability to create very complex structures, 3D printing also allows companies to manufacture durable end-use parts. Companies are then able to build parts when needed and individually customize each build.

This technology is a great way for companies to increase productivity, lessen costs, and create flexibility in the manufacturing process. 3D printing allows companies to print on demand, create uniquely designed objects, and build very complex structures. To learn more about 3D printing and how it can assist your business efforts, contact us here.


About Adia

Adia is a nationally certified woman-owned business offering custom engineering services and end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions. Adia is a proud partner of 3D systems and are one of three exclusive 3D distributors in the United States for LOCTITE 3D Printing Resins.

We pride ourselves in carrying over 120 years of combined experience in the 3D printing industry and have developed unique programs that assist our clients with the implementation and/or improvement of additive manufacturing in their business. Through these programs, we can identify the best course of action along with a detailed plan to guide businesses on their way to reaching their highest 3D potential. Not only do we provide the machines, but we also strive to create ease before and after implementation or enhanced continued usage through our excellent support and next-day service!

No matter where you are on your 3D printing journey, we’re here to help. With clients ranging from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we are confident that we can develop a custom 3D solution for any business in any industry.