Learn More About the Figure 4

Figure 4

If you are looking to adopt 3D printing technology but are unsure where to begin, you are in the right place. Follow along as we introduce you to the Figure 4 machine. This is a great machine for beginners, consistent users, and everyone in between. It allows users to gain a better understanding of the widespread use of 3D printing, materials available, and potential applications.

Use & Speed

Three common uses of the Figure 4 include rapid prototyping, low volume production, or rapid tooling. This is due to the high speed of this machine. Users can design and print these builds in a matter of hours. While the printer builds these parts rapidly, the speed of the build does not affect the quality of the product. The Figure 4 maintains a high-quality resolution while printing at a fast speed.

Productivity & Materials

With high speed comes high productivity and many businesses recognize the Figure 4 this valuable feature. Another aspect that contributes to its high productivity is the ability to quickly change materials. Users can quickly and easily swap materials for each application. Notably so, the Figure 4 offers twenty different materials suitable for a variety of products. This variety is unique to the Figure 4 and allows companies to determine which material is best fit for each use.

Size & Software

Unlike some other production-grade 3D printers, the Figure 4 is a relatively compact machine. This feature allows the machine to conveniently fit in small offices, classrooms, or similar settings. While the machine itself is simple to use, a user-friendly CAD software also accompanies it. 3D Sprint allows companies to design and build objects quickly and easily. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and extremely valuable for 3D Systems users!

About Adia

Adia is a nationally certified woman-owned business offering custom engineering services and end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions. Adia is a proud partner of 3D Systems and one of a select few 3D distributors in the United States for LOCTITE 3D Printing Resins.

We pride ourselves in carrying over 120 years of combined experience in the 3D printing industry and have developed unique programs that assist our clients with the implementation and/or improvement of additive manufacturing in their business. Through these programs, we can identify the best course of action along with a detailed plan to guide businesses on their way to reaching their highest 3D potential. Not only do we provide the machines, but we also strive to create ease before and after implementation or enhanced continued usage through our excellent support and next-day service!