It’s Time to Start 3D Printing, Here’s Why

It's Time to Start 3D Printing, Here's Why

If you’re not yet 3D printing, now is the time to start! We know what you’re thinking… “Why would my company need a 3D printer?” or maybe you’re thinking “the technology isn’t there yet”. Let us walk you through these thoughts and explain why investing in a 3D printer can put your business on top!

Let’s start with a few reasons to invest in a 3D printer:

  • Improved Product Quality – 3D printing allows users to create functional prototypes of their products. Therefore, allowing users to make improvements to the look and feel of a product before it is produced. Not only that but with 3D printing, users can build very complex structures that are nearly impossible to create any other way.
  • Save Time & Money – 3D printing saves users time and money by speeding up product development, increasing productivity, and reducing risk of a failed investment. The technology allows users to print prototypes, jigs & fixtures, and end-use parts in just hours. This process eliminates lead times while also, increasing throughput on the shop floor. Additionally, 3D printing decreases costs by reducing waste, eliminating the cost of outsourcing, and allowing users to produce parts on an as-needed basis.
  • Take Control of Your Priorities – Now more than ever, many businesses are struggling with staff shortages, product availability, and increasing costs of production. As a result, consumers face extensive lead times, sky-rocketing outsourcing costs, and mediocre product quality. 3D printing frees users of these issues by taking operations into their hands and producing all needs in house.

Now, Let’s Talk Technology

3D printing was first commercialized in the 80’s. You read that right, 3D printing technology has been around for about 40 years now. You would also be right to assume that there have been some great advancements since it was first introduced. There are now 7 types of 3D printing technologies. Each of which are best suitable for different applications. Notably so, one machine cannot be the solution for all 3D printing needs and applications. For example, the best 3D printer for prototyping will not provide the best end-use parts. Since its introduction, it has been adopted by quite a few industries. Some of which include aerospace, automotive, healthcare, industrial automation, consumer goods, and education. Many industry leaders use this technology to stay on top of their respective market, continuously introduce new products, and deliver high-quality goods. Some industry leaders that take advantage of 3D printing technology include New Balance, L’Oréal, and Medtronic. So, is the technology there? Yes, it is. It is reliable and allows companies to stay ahead of their growing markets.

Start your 3D Journey

It’s time to take back control of your operations and improve product quality as you save time and money while doing so. 3D printing today offers a variety of technologies and materials to choose from. With such variety, it can be difficult to navigate where to begin. We’re here to point you in the right direction. Our experts will guide you through choosing the proper technology and walk you through the implementation of 3D printing. Through Adia programs, training, and service, your 3D printing journey will be off to a great start with immediate results! Click here to get started.

About Adia

Adia is a nationally certified woman-owned business offering custom engineering services and end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions. Adia is a proud partner of 3D Systems and Formlabs and a distributor for LOCTITE 3D Printing Resins.

We pride ourselves in carrying over 120 years of combined experience in the 3D printing industry. Using this expertise, we have developed unique programs that assist our clients with the implementation and/or improvement of additive manufacturing in their business. Through these programs, we can identify the best course of action along with a detailed plan to guide businesses on their way to reaching their highest 3D potential. Not only do we provide the machines, but we also strive to create ease before and after implementation or enhanced continued usage through our excellent support and next-day service!

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