Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Inkbit

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership that marks a significant milestone for us and our esteemed clients. By joining forces with Inkbit, we usher in a new age of manufacturing prowess, offering high-quality, precision-manufactured parts through cutting-edge 3D printing technology. This collaboration is not just a partnership; it’s a leap into the future of manufacturing, promising our clients access to unparalleled technological advances without the burden of hefty upfront investments. Let’s dive into how this strategic alliance positions us at the forefront of the industry, ensuring our clients enjoy cost-efficiency, flexibility, and a competitive edge in their operations.

Introducing Adia’s Part Sourcing Program: A Strategic Collaboration with Inkbit

This partnership heralds the launch of Adia’s Part Sourcing Program, a testament to our commitment to innovation and client growth. Through this program, clients gain immediate access to Inkbit’s exceptional manufacturing quality, propelling them towards a rewarding ROI. While also, paving the way for successful in-house production transitions.

Inkbit: Spearheading the Future with Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ) Technology

Inkbit is a leader in 3D printing innovation with its revolutionary Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ) technology. Impressively, this breakthrough has set new standards in precision, quality, and volume production, fundamentally transforming the additive manufacturing landscape. Not to mention, with the unique capability to process high-performance polymers, Inkbit’s technology offers unmatched mechanical and thermal properties. Therefore, catering to a broad spectrum of customer needs.

Unmatched Material Innovation

Inkbit’s dedication to material innovation is evident in their diverse portfolio. From the Titan Tough Epoxy 85, known for its durability and precision, to the versatile TEPU 50A and 30A elastomers, and the chemically resistant Titan Chem Epoxy, their materials are engineered for excellence. Notably so, each material is designed to meet the rigorous demands of various applications, from consumer products to industrial components. Therefore, demonstrating Inkbit’s commitment to versatility and performance.

Beyond the Hype: The Transformative Impact of Inkbit’s Technology

The buzz around Inkbit’s technology is well-earned, with its VCJ technology heralding a new era in manufacturing. Our partnership amplifies this potential, offering rapid, customizable, and superior manufacturing solutions. Here are the key advantages of Inkbit’s technology that we find most compelling:

  • Precision and Quality: The VCJ technology guarantees exceptional precision and quality, pivotal for industries where these aspects are non-negotiable.
  • Material Versatility: The use of high-performance polymers allows for products tailored to specific needs, encompassing robust mechanical and thermal properties.
  • Volume Production Capability: Designed for scalability, Inkbit’s technology ensures high-volume production without compromising quality.
  • Customization and Flexibility: With multi-material capability, it fosters greater product design customization and flexibility.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Inkbit’s technology is versatile enough to accommodate a plethora of applications. These range from industrial parts to medical devices.

Looking Forward: Navigating the Future Together

Our collaboration with Inkbit is more than a partnership; it’s a commitment to redefine manufacturing standards. Through Adia’s Part Sourcing Program, we’re not just offering advanced manufacturing solutions; we’re inviting you to join us in a journey of innovation, quality, and flexibility. As we move forward, our dedication to your success remains unwavering. Above all, ensuring each design and application is meticulously tailored to meet your needs.

Together, we are setting the stage for a transformative impact on the manufacturing landscape. Therefore, making advanced technology accessible and driving businesses towards unprecedented success.

To embark on this transformative journey with us, reach out at [email protected] or call 844-444-ADIA. Let’s innovate, grow, and succeed together.